Starpacific Overview

Starpacific is the brainchild of a few dedicated cryptocurrency developers from around the world. We wanted to find one major problem and try and better it. We did just that with Star Pacific Coin.

Starpacific has created an innovative new concept which will aid investors. For far too long investors have been restless because of uncertainty due to the high volality of invested cryptos due to the rise and fall of prices.This is about to change! Throughout this white paper we have demonstrated our vision of what we can achieve and how together – with the support of like-minded investors – the dream can be realized!

Starpacific has big plans for the future and we want you to be involved. As you are aware the crypto world has taken the planet by storm over the last few years and is developing into one of the world’s major players within finance, business and investment. This is why Starpacific want to be a part of this and bring you with us on our exhilarating journey.

We trust that through reading our white paper our passion, with your support, to achieve something truly groundbreaking is clear. We hope you find our investment plan informative and hopefully you will be eager to be a part of it too.
Join us and together we can change the world. Let us make positive change for the many not the few.

What can we change?

We have thought hard and long about the way we can eliminate the high volality of cryptos we know we have found the best possible way. Expert traders at Star Pacific joined with World Class AI Artificial Intelligence) Developers which utilize the power of Machine Learning with deep learning module to developed HFT Algorithm.
High Frequency Trading) and Quantitative Trading Algorithm to Trade  Currencies, Commodities, Derivatives and Stocks.

Our vision will totally transform the way trading is done. The whole process of carrying out your first trade will be transformed for the better. Star Pacific will also be making use of Google’s Tensor flow Technology to enhance predictability of the market. This is not the only exciting change we will make, Star Pacific Coin rewards its early investors by Selling Tokens at 2% Discount and provide a Fixed Return of 2.5% per week to all investors holding more than 250  Star pacific coin in your wallet or more. Star Pacific also issues surprise bonuses to its investors and IB.
The Profits made for Star Pacific will be gotten through investing in low risk and high return instruments such as: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds, and Annuities.This will not only generate excellent profit for Star Pacific and its Investors but will also improve the lives of many.

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